What’s the correct size for your food portions?

What's the correct size for your food portions?

I see people chowing down on massive amounts of food, without realising the strain it puts on their digestive system.

Are your eyes are bigger than your stomach?

We all love a good nosh-up but many of us eat far too much. Wouldn’t life be so much better if you knew exactly how much you should eat? Then you might stop overloading your plate at the buffet.

How much should you be eating?

Physically active people need more food than others so work out whether you need to increase or decrease your portions according to your activity level.

Let me give you some guidelines to work towards…

Use your hands as a guide to food portions

Remember that your stomach is the size of your two fists put together, which gives you an idea of just how much we overeat. But if you start to measure your portions according to your hands then you automatically portion control your food according to your body size.

Portions of vegetables should be two fists, meat one palm, and cereals, breads and fruit are a full fist. Light dairy products and peanut butter are about palm size. Remember to try to eat carbs, protein and vegetables at most meals.

What about sauces and butter?

One squirt of mayonnaise, ketchup or butter should be the size of a dice.

Do you find it hard to control your food intake?

By Dora Walsh, Head Nutritionist and founder of Nutriheal Nutrition: www.nutriheal.net Twitter: @nutritionguru1.com


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