Food industry leaves us wanting more


Cheap food industry keeps us fat

Dora Walsh, Head Nutritionist and founder of unearths the dirty tricks used by cheap food producers  to keep us wanting more.

The average person in the UK has at least eight food contacts a day – a far cry from the three square meals our parents ate.  But. why  can’t we stop eating and  why does the food industry keep us on our knees and coming back for more?

Junk food almost as addictive as heroin

Food producers manipulate foods to be as addictive as drugs. For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist, they become addicted to a bad diet in the same way as people became addicted to cocaine and heroin.

Studies suggest our brains may react in the same way to junk food as they do to drugs and unfortunately for us, the food industry is cashing in. Addictive formulations will keep us eating and feeling unsatisfied. The cycle’s hard to break and many junk food addicts would benefit from a detox programme to get them off addictive foods. Problem is, many  go back for another hit…

Specific mix of fat, salt and sugar gets you hooked

Fast food chains have spent millions researching how to create the “bliss sensation” to make people addicted (meaning their brain becomes physically dependent on this chemical “bliss” sensation to function properly).

The “once you pop, you can’t stop” slogan holds true! A secret and  precise mixture of fat, salt and sugar triggers chemicals in the brain causing a “bliss” sensation.  The bliss point makes it difficult for us to stop eating and keeps us coming back for more.

Red, yellow and green make you hungrier

Red and yellow cars are more likely to be stolen and studies have shown how these colours do  increase our appetite. Fast food chains use these colours to attract more customers and make them hungrier. 

The pull of a fast food restaurant is psychological and MacDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Wimpy are the experts at reeling us in and keeping us eating. Just be prepared for your cravings next time you walk past those golden arches.

Addictive additives keep you eating

Ever heard of Chinese restaurant syndrome? It’s the bad feeling you get when you binge on cheap Chinese and overdo it on the prawn crackers. One cracker is never enough is it?

Addictive foods  mean more cash and cheap restaurants and junk food producers routinely lace products with additives like MSG (monosodium glutamate) added for the addictive effect it has on the body.

MSG can be found in anything from cheese and onion crisps to stock cubes, yeast extract, soy sauce, seasoning and spices. Check the ingredients next time you shop and you will be amazed.

Food engineered to change your “mouth feel”

Food technologists can alter the “mouth feel” and “oral wetness” of food to make it taste better. Chemicals and aromas to boost the production of saliva making food juicier or more refreshing to improve pleasurable sensations.

They also know what to add to make us feel full, but they save that for diet products…

Sugar addiction harder to break than cocaine

Sugar isn’t the only white powder that’s addictive. It’s a cheap additive that tastes so good it keeps us reaching out for just one more biscuit.

Sugar is everywhere and food manufacturers will even hide it in the savoury foods we think are healthy. We are so accustomed to the sweet taste that food tastes bland without it.

Sugar addicts consume confectionary to excess in a manner similar to drug addicts and find it extremely difficult to stop.  Similar  to an alcoholic or drug addict, they can only stop if they cut it out altogether.


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