Nutritionist tips


 What is a healthy diet?

 Do you wish you had a nutritionist friend to exploit for information? Wouldn’t it be great to know which foods to eat in the right proportions at the right time, to suit your particular characteristics.

As a nutritional therapist I’m at the receiving end of the intense interest in nutrition, healthy living, especially when perfect strangers confide the in’s and outs of their number two’s, making me realise Gillian McKeith has a lot to answer for…

There is no healthy diet, only the diet that’s healthy for you

We all want to know what constitutes a healthy diet? And my qualified answer to is, there really is no healthy diet, only the diet that’s healthy for you.

We are all genetically different, with different nutritional requirements and biochemical make ups. Its’ important to respect this individuality and not push ourselves into thinking specific foods or diets will make us thinner or healthier. It must also be remembered that our thoughts act like food in the way they affect our bodies. Change your thinking and you change your life. However there are some basic, essential rules outlined below that nutritionist’s propogate because they really work. Try them out as they will help you maximise your health and normalise your weight.

 Some basic essential rules from the nutritionist

By following the essential rules all nutritionists recommend, you will be on your way to health. For more specific conditions try a tailor made approach targeted to your specific goals.


Blood sugar balance

By balancing your blood sugar you will experience stable energy levels, increased mental and physical resilience and reduced sugar cravings. All of the above will help you master out of control eating habits.

Rules: Cut down on sugar, eat unrefined carbohydrates like brown rice with protein and vegetables and snack on healthy low sugar snacks like hard fruits, berries, oatcakes with houmus and crudités.

 Portion control

Portions size is individual and dependant on your height and activity level. However, as a rule of thumb the size of your stomach is equivalent to the size of your own two palms laid out together.

Rules: Your correct food portion should be the size of your own two palms and your snacks should be the size of one palm. Following this simple rule will avoid you over filling your stomach which can lead to indigestion and weight gain through over eating

 Multicoloured diets

Variety is the spice of life, and the same should apply to our diet. In order to get the proportion of vitamins and minerals we require it is essential to regularly incorporate different coloured fruits and vegetables.

 Rules: “Eat a rainbow” and try different hues to add variety to your food choices and dramatically increase your vitamin and mineral intake. For example purple plums, green kiwis, yellow bananas, red tomatoes, orange sweet potatoes, green asparagus, red strawberries will all contribute to your daily nutrient requirement. You skin will look great too.

 Staying hydrated

Every cell in our bodies needs water to function, so remember to stay hydrated with mineral or filtered water throughout the day. Your skin will glow and you digestion will benefit.

 Rules: Keep a large glass bottle of water on your desk sip from it throughout the day. Try one and half to two ltres a day and herbal teas can also be included in this.

 Check back for more rule updates in the next few weeks and  nutritionist sanctioned healthy eating recipies  to incorporate into your diet.



One response to “Nutritionist tips

  1. What a find!!! You offer such fabulous information. I now have to sit down and digest it.
    We are making a movie due in theaters this year – none that can push the positive health of those who take heed. I can share the link if you like.
    I will RT info about your site. TY @qutequte for the connection. Here’s to great health – Heshie

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